Copyright Law n. 633/1941
The Law regulates the different forms of rights, their duration and their economic use.
Legislative Decree n. 35/2017 on collective management of copyright and related rights
The Decree implements in the Italian legislation the Directive 26/2014/EU on collective management of copyright and related rights and multi-territorial licensing.
Ministerial Decree on private copying rates
The Decree sets the rates of private copying levy and indicates the cases of exemption from the payment of private copying rights by importers and distributors as well as the methods of reimbursement.
Legislative Decree n. 177/2021 on copyright in the DSM
The decree implements the Copyright Directive 790/2019/UE by introducing measures on copyright in order to regulate the digital market and the related management of rights for producers authors and performers.
Legislative Decree n. 181/2021 on SAT-CAB
Legislative Decree 181/2021 introduces rules on the exercise of copyright and related rights applicable to certain radio and TV broadcasts. In particular, it regulates retransmission, online ancillary services for which it introduces the country-of-origin principle and transmission of programmes through direct injection.
Collecting Directive 2014/26
EU establishes requirements necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the management of copyright and related rights by collective management organizations.
Copyright Directive 2019/790/EU
The Directive aims at further harmonising the Union law applicable to copyright and related rights in the framework of the internal market, taking into account in particular digital and cross-border uses of protected content.
SAT/CAB Directives 93/83/CEE and 2019/789/EU
The Directives on SAT/CAB discipline producers’ retransmission rights aiming at creating favorable conditions for cross-border distribution of television and radio programmes also by facilitating licensing mechanisms.