Have you ever created, produced or distributed films, tv series, fictions, documentary, cartoons or any other cinematographic or audiovisual work? With Videorights you can manage your royalties in Italy and abroad.
Your rights
If you are a producer of audiovisual works, you can choose to collectively manage some of your rights.
Discover which rights you can manage thanks to Videorights:
open close mobile Private Copy
Private copy compensation is due to rightholders of the audiovisual industry and allows consumers to copy works protected by copyright from one device to another without infringing copyright. For example, consumers are allowed to make a copy for a personal use of a film lawfully acquired or legally downloaded. The private copying fee is recognized in the main countries of the European Union. In Italy, private copy compensations are paid by the manufacturers and importers of blank media (e.g., PC, tablets, smartphones, DVDs).
open close mobile Retransmission
As provide for by the law, producers have the right to authorize the retransmission by cable of the works of which it is the copyright owner. In order to ensure the effective exercise of this right and to simplify the authorization procedures, the licences has to be managed collectively.
Our services
Videorights negotiates, collects and distributes the remunerations awarded to those who have entrusted it with their own works.
Videorights is committed to managing relations with other collective organizations in Italy and abroad.
Videorights offers you high-level services to ensure an efficient management of your royalties, thanks to transparent criteria and to a powerful IT system.
Join us
If you are an audiovisual producer and you want to let Videorights to manage your repertoire, please download and fill in the mandate.
Joining Videorights is simple and free.
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Who is with us
Action Concept Film und Stuntproduktion GmbH
Atresmedia Corporacion De Medios de Comunicacion S.A.
Bavaria Fernsehproduktion Gmbh
Bavaria Film GmbH
De Agostini Editore Spa
(excluding home video right)
Delta TV Programs Srl
Eventidigitali S.r.l.
FFP New Media GmbH
Gruppo Newen
H & V Entertainment GmbH
Letterbox Filmproduktion GmbH
Lisa Film GmbH
Mars Entertainment S.r.l.s.
Neue Deutsche Filmgesellschaft mbH (NDF)
Novafilm und Fernseh GmbH
Opal Filmproduktion GmbH
Polyphon Film und Fernsehgesellschaft mbH
R.T.I. Reti Televisive Italiane Spa
Riservarossa S.r.l.
Studio Azzurro Produzioni Srl
Studio Hamburg Serienwerft Luneburg Gmbh
Taodue Film
TF1 (Television Française 1)
Troupe Legere Srls
UFA Fiction GmbH
UFA Serial Drama GmbH
Une Musique
Ziegler Film GmbH & Co. KG
Zoo Aperto srl