The objective of this Policy is to provide VIDEORIGHTS’s website users with clear and detailed information about the cookies that we use, the role they play in helping us to provide the best possible experience to users and the choices users have when it comes to users’ cookie settings.

What are cookies? What is their use?
Cookies are small text files which are downloaded – along with browsing data – to users’ devices (such as PC, tablet PC, smartphone or any other device) when users visit a website. They are useful because they allow a website to recognize a user’s device. Cookies are used to perform automatic authentications, to monitor sessions and to store information regarding the activities of users accessing a website. Cookies can include a unique identification code which tracks users’ browsing activity on the website for statistics or commercial purposes.
The entirety of our users’ cookies helps us to enhance the quality of how our website performs, allowing us to check which pages are useful and which could be improved instead. Cookies are essential to the functioning of the web by giving many advantages with regard to interactive services and facilitating the browsing and the use of our website. Cookies are indeed sometimes essential, since some operations could not otherwise be technically carried out.
Cookies are not harmful to your PC.

Which cookies do we use and for what purpose?
There are a few different categories of cookies that we use:
Session cookies: these are temporary cookies which allow users to access to personalized services and to make the best use of the functionalities offered by our website.
Analytics cookies: these allow to quantify the number of users and to produce statistical analyses on users’ activities and their use of the services we provide.
Third-party cookies: these are cookies that are set by a third-party (such as cookies introduced by our commercial partners on the website visitor’s PC or other device: for example, those used by social networks). In our case, here we refer to the cookies contained in Google Analytics.
For further information on these above-mentioned cookies, please read Google’s Cookies Policy on Google website.
We inform you that the information these cookies collect are anonymized: in fact, we do does not allow personal identification of users.
The only personal information we collect are those explicitly provided by users when submitting us contact forms or information requests, such as those available in the Catalogue section on our website. In such cases, we inform you – and if necessary – we ask for your specific consent. Users can find the information on personal data processing here.
Our website does not use profiling cookies. These are cookies which profile users in order to send and/or show ads that are more relevant to users and their interests intercepted while web browsing.

How to disable or eliminate the cookies?
Users can accept, block or remove cookies that are placed on their PC by editing their browser options. However, if users disable or remove cookies, they may not be able to access to some sections of the website or to use some of the services we offer.
For further information on configuration and removal of cookies, please read the instructions on your browser on: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari e Microsoft Windows Explorer.
We inform users that we are not technically able to control the installation of cookies and other similar tracking technologies operated by third-parties through the services present on our website.
For further complete information on how third-party cookies operate, please read the privacy policy of Google Analytics.
At last, we remind users that the Controller of the personal data – that users may eventually provide us with during their browsing experience on our website – is VIDEORIGHTS S.r.l. with its registered offices at Verziere 2, 20122 Milan (Italy).
The Controller applies to all users the provisions laid down in the “Privacy Policy” section of our website.
Should this Cookies Policy regarding our website be significantly amended, we will adequately inform all users.
Version updated on 24 July 2019