Have you created a cinematographic or audiovisual work and do you want to protect it? Discover your rights and our services.
Your rights
Are your works on TV or streamed? Is your work distributed on devices as DVDs? If you are one of the authors of an audiovisual work, you could be entitled to receive the compensation for a number of exploitations.
Discover your rights:
open close mobile Equitable remuneration
Italian Copyright law grants a fee to the director, the authors of the subject and/or of the screenplay as well as to the authors of the language adaptation of the script and translation of the dialogues every time the work is retransmitted on TV, online platforms or distributed as DVDs. The remuneration is inalienable.
open close mobile Private Copy
Private copy compensation is due to rightholders of the audiovisual industry and allows consumers to copy works protected by copyright from one device to another without infringing copyright. For example, consumers are allowed to make a copy for a personal use of a film lawfully acquired or legally downloaded. The private copying fee is recognized in the main countries of the European Union. In Italy private copy compensations are paid by the manufacturers and importers of blank media (e.g., PC, tablets, smartphones, DVDs) and then distributes to rightholders and their organizations.
Our services
Videorights negotiates, collects and distributes the remunerations awarded to those who have entrusted it with their own works.
Videorights is committed to managing relations with the users in order to collect royalties fairly and distributed them rapidly.
Videorights offers you high-level services to ensure an efficient management of your royalties, thanks to the implementation of transparent criteria and a powerful IT system.
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