Videorights makes the difference.
A new and independent way to collect royalties on audiovisual works in Italy and abroad.
Established in 2016, Videorights is an independent company that manage copyrights and neighbouring rights revenues due to audiovisual producers and authors, in Italy and abroad. Videorights operates in compliance with the Italian and International legislation.

Videorights offers a new business model to manage audiovisual producers’ rights. Our aim is to provide rightholders with a range of professional, transparent and efficient services.
Corporate governance
Videorights is committed to high standards of governance on legality and transparency and complies with the Italian and EU legislation. We are an Independent Management Entity (IME), as defined in Italian Decree Law n. 35 – 15th March 2017, which implements the Directive 2014/26/EU on collective rights management.
Videorights has been empowered to operate as an Independent Management Entity (IME) by the Italian Communications Regulatory Authority.

Find here below the main documents on our system of governance.

Statuto e General Regulation

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